Audrey Cochran

Audrey Cochran

Audrey Cochran generously donated the funds to establish the William Joshua Head Memorial Scholarship. William Joshua Head was born on the Isle of Guernsey, August 10, 1866. He and his wife immigrated to western Canada in the early 1900s with their five daughters. They lived in a house in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan so the girls could attend school, even though Will had to ride out to their farm each day to plant and harvest crops. After the birth of a sixth daughter, Will had to return to England on family business, and booked return passage on the Titanic. He was so anxious to return to his family, however, that he exchanged his ticket for one on a smaller ship which sailed several weeks earlier. When word came of the sinking of the Titanic, he paced the floor all night, shaken by his close call. Upon returning home, he and his family moved to Oregon due to the harsh Canadian prairie. There he became a successful farmer. After retirement, Will and his wife spent their winters in Laguna Beach where he taught Sunday school at the Presbyterian Church for 22 years. Two of their grandsons became ordained ministers.


Dear Mrs. Audrey Chochran:

Thank you so much for your gracious and generous financial gift which has enabled me to receive this scholarship. It greatly helps realize my ongoing dream of teaching philosophy to college students.

Your generosity helps me and many others. I am truly grateful.


Daniel Stermer