Daniel and Priscilla Moynihan

Daniel and Priscilla Moynihan

Daniel and Priscilla Moynihan have generously donated the funds to establish the American Founders Scholarship.

Serving through politics is a noble calling.

In Genesis 1:1, in introducing the good order of creation, the language of “the heavens” refers to God’s political domain, and “the earth” refers to the political domain given to man and woman as image-bearers of God. Sin follows, human political stewardship is broken, and structural evil metastasizes across human history. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus speaks the language of heaven and earth and introduces the need for a redeemed political order where His disciples are to overcome evil with good.

Politics is mankind putting morality into practice, addressing issues of good and evil, rooted in freedom.

The Biblical gifts of life, liberty, and property, defined as political rights for all people rooted in the Creator, are universal in aspiration. To the extent that we advance that reality, we advance the Gospel and well-being of all peoples and nations (quotes and ideas taken from John C. Rankin, theologian/philosopher).