Jonathan and Maggie Choy

Jonathan and Maggie Choy

Jonathan and Maggie Choy have generously donated the funds to establish the Mesghina G-Medhin International Student Scholarship. This scholarship is established in recognition of Dr. Mesghina G-Medhin’s dedicated service and loving kindness to the international students at Biola University. He has always been like a “father-figure” to the two hundred plus international students that enroll at Biola every year.

The Biola experience is not limited to academics and spiritual growth, but it also entails a family environment such as that demonstrated through Mesghina’s love for all the international students. It is the donors’ sincere desire that international students take an active role in helping the International Student Director in servicing and demonstrating God’s love to other international students.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Maggie Choy:

Thank you so much for your generosity. I am truly grateful to be able to continue my education at Biola, due to your gift.

I am a global student from Korea, Australia, and Indonesia that is planning to enter into medical missions overseas. The Lord has been gracious to me by allowing me to be trained at such an excellent university.

Thank you again for supporting me in my journey.


Sun Joon Hwang