Michael D. and Teresa E. Friedman

Michael D. and Teresa E. Friedman

Michael D. and Teresa E. Friedman have generously donated the funds to establish the Psalm 139 Scholarship. The donors write, “After a severe ear infection as an infant, our son needed to meet with a speech pathologist for several years. He also chose to study Communication Disorders at Biola. Since that major usually means continuing on to graduate school, it is our desire to help alleviate debt at the undergraduate level. The Psalm 139 Scholarship is intended to benefit students majoring in Communication Disorders.”


Dear Michael and Teresa Friedman:

Thank you so much for your generous gift that has enabled me to receive a scholarship! When I consider the passage, Psalm 139, I am reminded of God’s intimate care for humans. More specifically, as I consider God’s intimate care for those with various communication disorders, I feel a divine calling to minister to and help my clients as a speech pathologist. This scholarship gives me a push in the right direction and will allow me to pursue my dreams as a speech therapist. Your generous donation has been an extreme blessing to me and words cannot thank you enough!


Sarah E. Pfaff