The Horace and Dolphine Felkins Trust

The Horace and Dolphine Felkins Trust

The Horace and Dolphine Felkins Trust has provided the funds to establish the Horace and Dolphine Felkins Family Scholarship.

Horace and Dot Felkins were raised in the Hills of Arkansas. Born to poor families, Horace’s father was a plumber and Horace learned the trade at an early age.

Several members of the Felkins Family came to know the Lord at a traveling revival meeting in the area, and eventually the entire family came to know the Lord. After graduation from High School, Horace and Dot married (at ages 16 and 18 years old).

The opportunities were few in Arkansas, but Horace found a defense job and worked from 1942-1951 in the defense industry. In 1951 they moved to California and Horace went to work for the Anderson and Robison Plumbing Company in Carlsbad. By 1962 he was able to purchase the company and grow it to sell by 1966. The company’s new owner was not able to sustain
it, and Horace bought the company back in 1971. By 1977 the company was again in good financial shape and Horace was able to sell it a second time.

While running the company, Horace and Dot also invested in real estate and apartment complexes. With Horace providing the renovation and maintenance, and Dot managing the books, they made a great business team as well as marriage partners. Horace and Dot had two children, Sharion (Hreha) and Haden Felkins (deceased), who love the Lord, as do their families, providing a wonderful heritage of faith.

Dot and Horace felt compelled to start these scholarship funds as God has blessed them so mightily through their business and investments. They choose education because of the difference it can make in lives and they choose Biola because of the impact that Biola has had in the lives of many people they know.

The Lord has done much for them, and they want to pass on those blessings to others. Their hope is that you, the recipient of this gift from the Horace and Dot Felkins Scholarship fund, will likewise support other students with your giving as God has blessed you with this gift.