Tina Fulton

Tina Fulton

Tina Fulton has generously donated the funds to establish the Toni P. Smith Memorial Scholarship.


Dear Mrs. Tina Fulton:

Thank you for your kindness and your generous gift which has enabled me to receive this scholarship and thereby continue the studies God has led me to pursue.

I feel my coming to Talbot was a step of faith and obedience, and I believe it has been part of God’s ongoing lesson in trust. I know God is using Talbot to bless me, work in me, prepare me, and equip me for the future he holds. Studying in a seminary is a unique opportunity very few Messianic Jews in Israel have had. It is a joy and privilege for me to be here, and I look forward to all God is going to do during my time here at Talbot.

God continues to overwhelm and amaze me with his grace and provision. Thank you for your generosity and being one of his means of blessing and provision in my life! May the Lord bless you!


Ayelet Hendren