Clyde & Anna Belle Cook Evangelism Scholarship

The Clyde & Anna Belle Cook Evangelism Scholarship was established to honor Clyde Cook (President of Biola University from 1982-2007) and his wife Anna Belle and their dedication to “accomplish the mission of biblically centered education, scholarship, and service, equipping men and women in mind and character to make an impact on the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.” This scholarship is awarded to undergrad and graduate Cook students studying evangelism who are actively involved in evangelistic efforts or plan to pursue a career in evangelism. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and preference is given to continuing students.

Al and Rosemary Giumarra
Biblical & Theological Studies (Undergrad), Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Graduate, Ministry/Missions/Missionary Dependent, Missions/Missionary Dependent, Talbot School of Theology, Undergraduate