Gertsch/Clay Homeschool Scholarship

Stephen and Constance Gertsch have established the Gertsch/Clay Homeschool Scholarship to benefit previously homeschooled undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need.

This scholarship is to reward, in part, the sacrifice and commitment of homeschool families and to help students continue their spiritual and intellectual growth at Biola. The donors also wish to honor the parents/grandparents who supported them, even when they thought homeschooling was a little crazy.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents must demonstrate need by filing a FAFSA.

Stephen and Constance Gertsch
Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship is for students who have been homeschooled. Please check the grade levels you were homeschooled:
  2. Describe how you were homeschooled (i.e., by parent/family member at home, through a co-op, part-time homeschool through a local school or program, etc.)