Biola Missionary Scholarship - New Applicant

The Biola Missionary Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of undergrad and graduate students attending Biola who are committed to missionary work during and after their studies at Biola. Students who intend to make a global impact for Christ through international ministry are encouraged to apply by the application deadline (May 31).

Application Information
Please read carefully before submitting your application!

  • Incomplete, incorrect or late applications will not be considered. No exceptions.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. You will be notified if awarded or not.
  • This application requires a reference.
  • Applicants must have a 2024-2025 FAFSA on file with Biola University’s Financial Aid Office AND have a completed Financial Aid file (including all forms submitted and reviewed) by the application deadline to be eligible.

Scholarship Details & Renewal

  • Recipients will be potentially asked to attend a commissioning event on campus in September 2024 (TBD). Recipients will be sent date and time details. (Students who live out of state during the semester are not required to attend. Travel to this event is not expected and will not be refunded.)
  • The scholarship will be coordinated with other financial aid.
  • The scholarship will be split between fall and spring semesters.
  • Students graduating the upcoming fall may apply for 1/2 the amount of the scholarship they are eligible for (i.e. $3500 for first time UG award).
  • Students only attending the spring semester should wait to apply until their scholarship can be applied to a full academic year (fall and spring).
  • The scholarship is institutional aid which can only be applied towards on-campus tuition, class fees, room and board charges.
  • Recipients may renew the scholarship once after the initial award year.

2024-2025 Award Amounts

Undergrad Award – $7,000/year
UG Renewal Award – $10,000/year
Grad Award – $4,000/year
Grad Renewal Award – $6,000/year

Selection Process

  • Eligible applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. Recipients will be notified in May.
  • Selection is based on letters of recommendation; student’s commitment to graduate and begin vocation; financial need, academic performance, leadership experience, and potential.
  • The number of students selected each year will be determined based on the availability of funds.

*Only U.S. citizenship students are eligible to apply. Unfortunately, this scholarship is not available to international students at this time.
*Applicants must be continuing students (Junior or Senior status in Fall 2024 for undergrads, or one semester completed in a graduate program) at the time they apply, and must maintain at least half-time enrollment to keep their scholarship and be eligible for renewal.
Half-time enrollment requirements: UG – 6 units/semester; Grad – 5 units/semester; Doctoral – 3 units/semester.

  • Applicants must attend a traditional undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program. (Special programs not eligible include: Doctor of Ministry, MA Apologetics, MA Science and Religion, MS Speech-Language Pathology, MA Marriage and Family Therapy, Applied Psychology, Chiang Mai-based programs, ICS Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), Kiev, Feinberg Messianic Program-New York, ELSP, MBA, MA of Professional Accountancy, Talbot Ph.D, MA TESOL Online, MA ED Online, Education Certificates, and other 100% Online Programs.)

Varies by Grade Level
Biblical & Theological Studies (Undergrad), Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Graduate, Ministry/Missions/Missionary Dependent, Talbot School of Theology, Undergraduate
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a new or renewing applicant?
  2. Fall & Spring Attendance - Choose one:
  3. Graduation Plan: List all remaining classes, internships and field work you need to complete in order to graduate. Please include class names and units, if known (example: Fall 2020: Anthropology, 3 units). (250 words max).
  4. Future Plans: Please share in an essay the kind of ministry you believe the Lord is calling you to after graduation. How do you discern this calling? What action steps and preparations are you currently undertaking in order to meet this calling? (300-500 words).
  5. Spiritual History: Explain briefly how you became a Christian, and your spiritual journey to date (300 words max).
  6. Leadership History: List your significant past and current ministry and leadership experiences including names and dates of involvement. (300 words max).
  7. Please briefly describe your current financial need for a scholarship and your plan for paying for school (i.e., working, savings, loans, family support, etc.) If loans are not an option for you, please explain why. If you already answered this question on the General Application, write "See General Application" (Limit response to ONE paragraph, 300 words max.)
  8. Optional: Upload your ministry CV or resume.
  9. At least one reference from a church official or missions organization familiar with your past leadership experiences and future mission goals is required. Family members may not submit references. References must be completed in this scholarship portal by the scholarship deadline.
  10. Signature: My signature verifies that the information submitted on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that submitting false information will result in disqualification for the scholarship, and may result in disciplinary or legal action.
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