North American Christian Foundation Scholarship

The North American Christian Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a first year, male, Talbot student who intends to pursue full-time church ministry within the United States. The recipient must have a family, be between ages 27-45 and have at least three years of work experience prior to enrolling in graduate studies. Recipients of this scholarship are required to maintain high Christian standards and demonstrate financial need. Recipients are required to take 12 units their first semester and remain enrolled full time (9+ units) during each subsequent semester, and must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 per semester in order to renew the scholarship. The North American Christian Foundation Scholarship is intended to pay for all tuition expenses incurred in the course of a degree.

Renewing recipients should not use this application. Email for questions about renewal.

Full Tuition
Church Affiliation, Gender Specific, Graduate, Talbot School of Theology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list the members of your household (including spouse and any children/dependents):
  2. How many units do you plan to take your first semester at Talbot? (Recipients must take at least 12 units their first semester to be eligible for this scholarship.)
  3. Please list your current debt:
    • 1. Undergraduate
    • 2. Graduate
    • 3. Home
    • 4. Auto
  4. Life Experience: Please list your educational history (high school and beyond).
    • 1. Institution Name
    • 2. Degree Received/Major
    • 3. Dates of Attendance
  5. Please list any volunteer experience, extracurricular clubs, teams, activities, awards, etc.
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