$1000 Flood Lights Blog Technology Scholarship

FloodLightsBlog is pleased to announce the $1000 Essay scholarship in 2019. Energy crisis is one of the most important issues in recent decades. Using LED lights to replace the conventional HID lights such as metal halide, halogen and HPS flood lights can dramatically reduce the energy consumption. LED is a cleaner, more efficiency lighting for modern society. However, its overwhelming brightness may cause light pollution. By participating in this scholarship, students can gain more knowledge about the pros and cons of using LED lights, as well as how to deal with light pollution.


1. Undergraduate or postgraduate students in any discipline

2. Exchange students are welcome to apply

3. Minimum GPA: 3.0

How to Apply

To apply our $1000 Flood Lights Scholarship, students are required to submit an 800 to 2000 words essay addressing one of the following topics:

1. Advancement of LED Lighting Technology and How Does it Help Improve our Life.

2. How to Save Energy in College (Must Include Lighting Part).

3. How to Deal with Light Pollution Problem?

The essay must be submitted to scholarship@floodlightsblog.com

Five $1,000 awards
Graduate, Undergraduate