Ahmanson Veterans Scholarship

The Ahmanson Veterans Scholarship Initiative (AVSI) was established by the Trustees of The Ahmanson Foundation in January 2013. The purpose of the initiative is to enable institutions, including Biola University, with a means to recruit, retain, and educate veterans eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. This scholarship is available to select undergrad and graduate students who are veterans, are eligible for education benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and who demonstrate financial need according to federal methodology (FAFSA) as funding is available.

The Ahmanson Foundation
Undergraduate Amount: $3000/max; Graduate Amount: $1750/max
Graduate, Military/Veteran, Undergraduate
Supplemental Questions
  1. In the space provided, please list amounts for the educational or living expenses you will pay for out-of-pocket after any VA Benefits and financial aid resources are received. Note: Educational and personal expenses include tuition, room/housing, food, personal expenses, medical expenses, transportation, or books. Example: Tuition = $2000; Books = $500; Rent = $700/month; Medical Expenses = $100/month
  2. Which of the expenses listed above do you want priority consideration for as we consider you for a scholarship? Which expenses pose the greatest financial challenge for you this school year? Why?
  3. This scholarship may entitle you to Counseling at the Biola Counseling Center and/or Membership at the Collegium -- Biola's Commuter Center (available to off-campus students only). Please indicate if you are interested in receiving these services in addition to your scholarship (Note: Because of the increase in aid to cover full tuition - we will be phasing out the process by which we cover these fees. To help as many more students as possible.)
  4. What are your housing plans while you will be in school?
  5. Upload a copy of your Chapter 33 Post 9/11 certificate of eligibility from the VA. (Applicants must be current recipients of Ch. 33 benefits, or exhausted their Ch. 33 benefits and no longer have any VA benefits. Unfortunately, students receiving benefits under a chapter other than ch. 33 are not eligible for this scholarship.)
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