Allen and Elvera Aspling Memorial Scholarship

The A & E Aspling Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Allen and Elvera Aspling. Though neither Allen nor Elvera graduated from high school due to the Great Depression, they both valued education. Despite a small income, they gave what they could to help their children attend Christian universities. Later in life, they used their meager savings to loan money interest free to their grandchildren to attend Biola University. This scholarship was donated by their children from what remained of their small estate. Eligible students are undergrad and graduate students who demonstrate financial need. Preference is given to continuing students pursuing military medical service or a military career, a medical career, an education career, or planning to enter full-time ministry.

Debbie and Bart Aspling
Biblical & Theological Studies (Undergrad), Biochemistry, Biological Science, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Graduate, Human Biology, Kinesiology, Liberal Studies (Education/Teaching), Military/Veteran, Ministry/Missions/Missionary Dependent, Nursing, School of Arts & Sciences, School of Education, Undergraduate
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