Dr. Richard Smith Scholarship

A total of four Oregon students will be awarded the Dr. Richard Smith Scholarship over the next year in order to help them achieve academic success. One student from high school and one student already enrolled in college will be awarded a $250 scholarship this Spring, and another set will receive the scholarship in the Fall. The scholarship renews every semester so that students are able to gain a bachelor’s degree with less stress of tuition and book costs hanging over them.

An essay must be composed and written on the importance of receiving a college education and how it can still be beneficial in the modern age in which most information can be located online. This essay should persuade the reader that college can be valuable, contain 800 words and be submitted to holly@smileinstitute.com or call 575-636-9027 and look for Glenda.

Student: Have documentation showing residence in Oregon.

Please visit the scholarship site for details.

High School Students, Leadership