Remote DBA Services Scholarship

“This program is available for any individual that is currently in an undergraduate or postgraduate study path at a reputed institution.

The winner will receive $500 which can be of tremendous help for the education.

Who is Eligible?
The scholarship is only available to those who are enrolled currently at a university, college, trade school or high school.
U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident.
Carrying a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA.

What Do We Look For In Infographics?
There are plenty of things we will look for when reviewing the infographics entries. Clarity and creativity must be readily seen. But most importantly, the infographics must reflect innovation and an understanding about the importance of database administration in today’s world.

How to apply?
Include an infographics, as to what is the importance of database administration in today’s world and what you have done to elaborate your interest in this field.
Submit your application online by December 31st (at this time we are not able to accept emailed applications).
This is an annual scholarship program and the 31st of December marks the deadline for applications.

December 31st is the deadline for the first scholarship. A new scholar will be chosen on January 15 each year."

Please visit the scholarship site for application details.

Graduate, Undergraduate