2019 Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship

The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship was created to remember the life and legacy of our dear Caitlan. Since education is a gift that lasts a lifetime we are delighted to announce our second annual scholarship offering. We lost Caitlan suddenly in a tragic car accident on September 29th, 2015. She had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to life full of promise.

Send us your essay by email to scholarship@ipewoods.com with the subject “The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship – YOUR NAME”
In the body of the email include the following information:
Your full name
Telephone number
Full name of the school/university you are attending
Area of Study
You also must submit an official document that proves you are currently studying and associated with your school/university, including an official certification by the institution, as a signature or an official stamp. This document must be scanned with a good resolution and attached to your email.

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Graduate, Undergraduate